Care and Instructions

Any files that do not conform to the specifications described below will incure additional fees beyond the current pricing shown in our exhibitor kits.  

Submission Guidelines

Align the skinny prongs on the post with the openings in the corrugated sign.

H-Style Wire Stake Installation

Always roll banners with the image to the outside.

Banner Care Instructions

Position your vinyl sheet on the substrate, centering the letter/graphics, and securing it with masking tape.  The tape will act as a hinge for the project.

Vinyl Application

Place your decal and secure down the center with one piece of painters tape.

Printed Decal Installation

Screw top holder onto pole using knob

DWA Banner Stand Assembly

Learning the lingo of graphic design helps ensure that show managers provide contractors with exactly what they need to get the best results when producing show graphics.

Graphic Files: Tips for the Non-Designer