Submission Guidelines

Any files that do not conform to the specifications described below will incure additional fees beyond the current pricing shown in our exhibitor kits.  

Print-ready PDF work that is needed to modify files provided by the client to a print ready state will be billed at $65.00 per hour with a half-hour minimum.  Any files that must be opened in their native application and exported to the required file types below do not conform to this specification.

File Types

Digital files (logos, photos, finished layouts, etc.) should be saved or exported from your design application to PDF, EPS, or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 50% OF THE FINAL PRODUCTION SIZE.  The higher the resolution provided, the better the results.  JPEG's are less desirable but can be accepted if the resolution is 300 dpi or higher.  Company logos should always be sent in a vector-based format to ensure a crisp, clean logo print.  Placed images are to be embedded rather than linked.  If files are linked, be sure to send the linked sites.

Please Do Not

submit GIF files, Word (.doc) files, Power Point (.ppt) files, Publisher files, InDesign Files or any file formatted for or taken from a website.  Web graphics are not suited for large-format printing.  This is a very common error and should be avoided.

Page Layout/Image Size

Image should be cropped and scaled to intended print size or to a percentage of print size (no less than 25% for vector based, 50% for bitmap based).  Remove non-printing borders.  Final resolution should be NO LESS than 100dpi at FINAL print size.  Higher resolutions will produce superior results.  Image should be flattened, no layers and/or transparent objects.  Color halftone images should be submitted in CMYK color mode.  If arrangements are made ahead of time with our Graphics Department, Native files can be sent if any changes or additions are anticipated, but these should not be considered as the primary print files.


All fonts should be converted to outlines or paths.  Text should be converted to outlines to ensure kerning, leading and fort size stay exactly as designed.  Send fot files if there is an anticipation of any changes or additions.  Any in-house changes will be billed as described above.


A clean, hard copy proof and a PDF proof should be sent along with the print files for reference.  Files provided without proofs will be printed as is without correction applied.  Any re-prints necessary due to proofs not being provided are done at additional cost to the client.


Graphics must include on-eighth inch of bleed for products mounted on the following substrates:  Dibond, aluminum, plywood, sintra and acrylics.

Color Mode

Files may be submitted in CMYK or RGB.  You may also include PMS colors in your graphics (Coated palettes only).  Although PMS colors will be run as 4-color process, keep them as spot colors in your documents to ensure a more accurate match.

Critical Colors

All Pantone and critical call out values must be specified in writing to DWA at the time of submission.  Please note that approximate matching of any one color requires additional time and resources, and an additional charge may apply.  DWA cannot guarantee that the colors on your final print will match the colors produced by your monitor - monitors produce a greater range of color, brightness and saturation than any printer.

Sending Files

Files can be sent on CD=ROM or DVD (recommended for extremely large, high resolution files) or posted to your FTP site or any online file transmission site, i.e., Dropbox.  For information on our web-based file transfer services, contact us through the website or at 503-595-1465. Smaller files (-10MB) can be emailed directly through the website.